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Healthy Baby Club is a prenatal education and support group for expectant moms.

Sessions are 2 hours and FREE. The sessions are offered by Resource Mothers in St. Anthony, Flower’s Cove and Roddickton each week. Session topics are facilitated by our Resource Mothers, Public Health Nurses & other professionals.

Some of the topics offered are:

• Baby Care • Labour & Delivery
• Cooking Sessions • Breastfeeding
• Infant feeding • Changing Roles & Responsibilities
• Choking/CPR • Brain Development
• Vaccines • And so much more…


Free snack is offered at each session, along with weekly incentives and prize draws. Food Supplement (3-2L milk, 1 dozen eggs, 7 oranges or 2-2L orange Juice) is offered to pregnant moms during their pregnancy and six weeks after delivery, if you meet the criteria.

Unfortunately, not all participants will be eligible.

All is welcome to attend. Great support group for pregnant moms.

After delivery we offer postnatal programs in a variety of our Family Resource Centres; Breastfeeding Support Group (Breastfeeding moms) and Baby Steps (Birth-18 months).